Five Squared
A million? Or maybe a billion? How high you think you can score in this new original number puzzle? Can you become number one? Begin a journey which will quickly evolve from simple swiping to a strategic mind battle and will keep you occupied for the days to come!

The idea is simple: you start with a 5 x 5 board filled with numbers from 1 to 5. You then combine those numbers to create bigger numbers, with these rules in mind: if numbers are different, they will add up, if they are the same, they will multiply. Go until the numbers run out and propel to the highest possible value!

Try it a few times and discover the endless possibilities this game offers. As your numbers grow, so does the challenge! Complete with your friends using full Game Center support. With crisp minimalist design, joyful colors and carefully crafted game play, Five Squared is the experience to which you will return again and again!
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Five Squared
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